WeBoat 3.0 Meetup in Cyprus
July 14, 2022

Metaverse - another buzzword or the next big thing?

Social Discovery Ventures in partnership with Linq Conference brought IT startup founders and investors together to discuss current issues of Web 3.0 and the future of metaverse.

The meetup started with the presentation of SDV Lab projects and continued with a discussion between the founder of SDVentures Dmitry Volkov, founder of Nival and Helio Games Sergei Orlovsky, producer of animated movies Pavel Muntian, and Andrei Ivashentsev, an expert in the field of immersive technologies. The topics they dwelled upon ranged from the invention of the blockchain to practical cases of integrating IT products into virtual worlds.

We culminated with the presentation of "Prophetic Dreams of iFriend", a collaboration between SDV Lab and the media artist Sharon Bloom for our project “Journey” - an app, that allows to build a new form of relationship with an AI person. Prophetic Dreams show us the thoughts and emotions AI experiences as it evolves and gets to know the user through the GAN images, poetic prophecies, and algorithmic music.

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