Dating Group Issues Statement on the War in Ukraine
July 7, 2022

Dating Group, a global social discovery company shaping the future of digital intimacy, issued the following statement on the war in Ukraine:
Dating Group is against the act of war and condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We have now blocked access to our products from both Russia and Belarus. We have also closed our office in Belarus. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by this war, including the people of Ukraine, the surrounding countries and all those with family, friends and loved ones in the region.
We are working hard to support all of our employees through this difficult situation, especially those with close ties to the region. We have launched an employee assistance program and are helping relocate willing staff to European countries that share our beliefs. We will continue to stand with the people of Ukraine and the global community in calling for an immediate end to this war and a swift return to peace.
Statement attribution: Dating Group Chief Strategy Officer, KJ Dhaliwal

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