Metaverse: Building New Worlds for Entertainment - Meetup in Armenia
May 31, 2022

Is metaverse a trove for the entertainment industry? Perhaps, one day it will change the way we amuse ourselves and our avatars will visit virtual theaters, cinemas, music festivals, and theme parks. This is one of the issues we discussed at the meetup in Erevan, kickstarting the major Yerevan IT conference “Emerge”. We uncovered the possibilities metaverse holds for the entertainment industry, and dwelled upon SDV Lab projects and the future of virtual worlds.

The headliner of the meetup was SDVentures CIO Bill Alena, who overcome a journey from New York to Yerevan to perform on the stage and ignite the pertcipants with ideas about Social Life 3.0. The enjoyable evening was continued with a networking between 70+ founders and investors.

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